Manga Artist • Yupinachii

Artist-Name: Yupinachii
  Traditional Manga Artist with the dream of becoming a professional Shoujo Mangaka.
Birthday: 05. December 1995
Genre & Style: Shoujo Genre, Kawaii Art
♥-Color? Pastel! Like the gentle and petite pink of the cherry blossoms!
♥-Music? Anime, Game and Movie Soundtracks.
♥-Word? ''Shannaro''
♥-Genre? Adventure, Shojo Romance, Comedy, Shonen
Additional? Huge fan of the NARUTO Series, as well as Masashi Kishimoto-Sensei and
Takeshi Obata-Sensei, the artist of Death Note and BAKUMAN.
♥-drawing-Media? Dr. Ph. Martin's Radiant Watercolors & preferable with ink on paper, because I like it more the 'traditional' way, for myself! Though I usually use the computer to apply screentone for my Manga Pages, since it's just too expensive otherwise.